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I really had the most amazing time - Adventure Trip/Travel

My trip was truly amazing; Sask. doesn't seem to be a big tourist destination in Canada, most people tend to go to BC...

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Experience Alaska as few can ever do! Watch humpback whales in Frederick Sound and Chatham Strait and visit some of the best bear viewing areas in North America see both brown bears and black bears. Explore icy fiords as we approach calving tidewater glaciers and learn about the history of glacier formation.

Our daily plans are flexible to accommodate the surprises that occur each trip, the requirements of tide and weather, and the interests of the group. With so many opportunities to see wildlife and scenery, it's hard to predict what unique moment will be your favorite memory.


  • Glaciers/Icebergs
  • Humpback Whales
  • High concentration of bald eagles
  • Brown & Black Bears
  • Admiralty Island National Monument
  • Anan Wildlife Observatory

8 Day Departures

    $4850.00USD *Add 5% GST fee

10 Day Departures

    $5520.00USD *Add 5% GST fee

11 Day Departures

    $6525.00USD *Add 5% GST fee
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