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My 7-day camp-based grizzly viewing trip started with such a warm welcome at the ranch it was like being greeted by old friends

I trusted my steed with my holiday and my life, and she never let me down for a moment.

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When you set sail for the Great Bear Rainforest, you will see Islands and intricate waterways beneath towering mountains...lush, coastal temperate forests...wilderness alive with eagles, ravens, salmon, bears and wolves... ten thousand year old native cultures... and now the opportunity to adventure along these waterways, inside the forest, seek for wildlife, meet native guies and learn why the Great Bear Rainforest is one of the last gems on the Pacific Coast. 

The description "Great Bear Rainforest" was created because the region holds the largest remaining areas of original coastal rainforest left on the entire Pacific coast. The name refers to the significant populations of black, grizzly and kermode bear that are supported by the abundant salmon runs for food, and the lack of human development in this fragile ecosystem has allowed indigenous populations to flourish. It is a long, convoluted maze of narrow waterways and fiords with emerald forests of western hemlock and red cedar clock lush river valleys and broad estuaries. Although the "Great Bear" is biologically abundant and diverse, the area remains in a delicate balance.

Departure Dates

  • Aug 30-Sep 6, 2015 (8 Days) $5,050
  • Aug 31-Sep 7, 2015 (8 Days) $5,050
  • Sep 7-14, 2015 (8 Days) $5,050
  • Sep 8-15, 2015 (8 Days) $5,050
  • Sep 15-22, 2015 (8 Days) $5,050
  • Sep 16-23, 2015 (8 Days) $5,050
  • Sep 23-30, 2015 (8 Days) $5,050
  • Sep 24-Oct 1, 2015 (8 Days) $5,050
  • Oct 1-8, 2015 (8 Days*) $5,250
  • Oct 2-9, 2015 (8 Days) $5,050
  • Oct 9-16, 2015 (8 Days) $5,050
  • Oct 10-17, 2015 (8 Days) $5,050
  • *2 days at the bear stands.
    **5% GST applies on the above prices.

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