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We saw plenty of whales, dolphin, and grizzly and black bears - Orcas and grizzlies wildlife cruise

I think my family were all completely refreshed, mind, body and spirit, by the experience.

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Tatshenshini / Alsek River "Journey Through the Ice Age"

Yukon, Canada

Tatshenshini River: 10 Days

Named the #1 River trip in the world in National Geographic’s “Journeys of a Lifetime”, the Tatshenshini River will impress even the most seasoned explorer. Starting in the Yukon this journey takes you through Northern British Columbia all the way to Southern Alaska.

As the world’s largest Bio-preserve the area has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to some of the largest and most spectacular glaciers in the world and huge populations of grizzly bears, caribou and Dall's sheep.

You’ll start your amazing journey rafting on a small river winding through the thick forest and beautiful canyons of the Yukon. As you raft downstream and into Northern BC the landscape opens up exposing you to breathtaking scenery of mountains and huge glaciers. On this journey you’ll view wildlife, hike to sub-alpine meadows densely populated with a variety of wildflowers, walk on glaciers and paddle around icebergs as the trip climaxes at the stunning Alsek Lake in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska. At the end of the day you can relax on the side of the river with a glass of wine or beer while camp and delicious meals are prepared for you.

The Wildlife and Their Habitat:

The giant spring or king salmon, coho, sockeye and chum salmon all spawn in the Tatshenshini and its tributaries while rainbow trout and char populate the upper river. The mountain slopes are forested with hemlock, fir and spruce. Balsam, poplar and cottonwood are found on the alluvial fans and river terraces, while wildflowers such as dwarf fireweed and cinquefoil grace the river’s edge. The alpine meadows are covered with wildflowers such as moss campion and spotted saxifrage.

The valley of the Tatshenshini is a fantastic area for viewing wildlife such as grizzly and black bear, moose, Dall’s sheep, mountain goats and wolves. Indigenous species also include coyote, lynx, marten and red fox. Feeding on the spawning salmon are many breeding pairs of bald eagles. The occasional golden eagle can also be seen soaring over the canyons of the upper Tat. A variety of hawks and the rare peregrine falcon also call this river valley home. Canada geese and the fish-eating merganser are found along the river; gulls and arctic terns may be seen as well. During our hikes we may come across ptarmigan and many varieties of songbirds.

Level of Activity:


Of the 10 river days we spend eight of them rafting, and the other two “laying over” in camp. We spend three to four hours on the water on rafting days, mostly on Class I or II rapids – a gentle, bobbing current. We will encounter a stretch of Class III rapids on the second day only.


We walk daily near our campsites exploring the local flora and fauna, or stopping on the river to check out points of interest. On layover days there are longer hikes available, some of them quite serious scrambles, into the alpine tundra zone. All hikes are optional and a guide accompanies you at all times. A highlight is our glacier hike where we walk on the glacier.

River Classification:

CLASS I: Easy. Moving water with ripples and small waves
CLASS II: Novice. Straightforward rapids with wide, clear channels
CLASS III: Intermediate. Some maneuvering required, large waves may be present
CLASS IV: Advanced. Powerful but predictable rapids requiring precise boat handling
CLASS V: Expert terrain
CLASS VI: Extreme!


•Expert certified river guides
•State-of-the-art expedition equipment including an all-season tent (shared between 2 guests), sleeping bag, Thermarest air mattress, safety equipment and waterproof bags for your personal belongings
•All on-trip meals and beverages, including a selection of vintage wines, spirits, local and imported beers, non-alcoholic drinks and fresh water
•All necessary park permits and entrance fees
•All transfers between Whitehorse, YT and the river

Not Included:

•Personal belongings
•Money for souvenirs
•Pre night in Whitehorse
•Post night in Whitehorse

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