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Great Excursions has a knack for making the "out-of-the-way" gems...

Great Excursions has a knack for making the "out-of-the-way" gems that one would normally "stumble across" by chance int

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The Travel Company for the Hungry Mind

Great Excursions is a leading destination management company with Canada & USA experts. Our trips, tours and meetings products are extraordinary journeys of discovery led by experts, rooted in authenticity and marked by fascinating encounters.

The Travel Company For The Hungry Mind

Launched in 1998, Great Excursions specializes in the development and marketing of alternative tourism products for people with hungry minds. By this we mean people who want more out of their travel than conventional tourism can offer. We are a leading destination management company in Canada, working with both corporate clients and individual travellers.

Interpretation is a major component of our packages. We aim to provide our clients with an experience that will emotionally stimulate them, that will arouse their curiosity about a destination. Hence our tour leaders are expert guides who take the time to explain the significance of each particular area of exploration. They strive to create an eye-opening brand of natural and cultural adventure for participants.

The amount of walking is adjusted to individual abilities. We handle groups of all sizes. Refreshments and sustenance will be provided on all outings. For overnight trips, we will favour accommodations that add value to the experience wherever possible. These may include staying at a ranch bunkhouse, a wilderness lodge or a boutique hotel. Bathroom and shower facilities will vary accordingly.

Trips and current prices are all inclusive. They leave from various locations in Canada and abroad. We can combine any number of excursions to lenghten your stay. As a rule, we try to incorporate local cultural events such as community rodeos and Indigenous peoples' Powwows whenever possible in our excursions.

"Great Excursions fosters responsible tourism development in the communities where we operate."

The common thread in what Great Excursions offers is a focus on authenticity of experience, working with local communities and featuring the distinctive character of the people and places we visit. We work with our partners to nurture their innate qualities and resources they might initially think are void of interest for travellers, knowing that they are increasingly looking for transformational experiences. Aspects like our collective human journey, how we perceive unfamiliar places – how we acquire a cognitive map to navigate successfully through them – is part of the experience. 

Please note that though no reasonable effort will be spared to view specific species of plant or animal, we cannot guarantee that you will see them. We promise, however, that your trip will be rewarding and memorable.


Great Excursions will provide its services, subject to the terms and conditions set out below. Please read all the following information carefully.


We confirm bookings on a first-come basis and recommend early reservations. To reserve, contact us directly, or call or visit your travel agent who will contact Great Excursions for reservations. We will confirm bookings only upon payment received as per the Payment Schedule below.

Payment Schedule:

If bookings are made 45 days or less prior to departure, we require full payment immediately. On bookings made more than 45 days prior to departure, a deposit of 50% of the package price is required (except for cruises). Full payment is due 45 days prior to departure (except for cruises). Applicable insurance premiums are due with each booking. We reserve the right to cancel your booking if payment is not received by Great Excursions within 5 days of the payment's due date.

Credit Cards:

When using a credit card to confirm a booking, you give your consent to Great Excursions to utilise your credit card information for payment.

Changes to a Booking:

If you wish to make a change to the original booking, you must notify Great Excursions at least 30 days prior to departure. An administration charge of $50.00 (plus GST where applicable) per booking will apply for such changes. Please note that we may be unable to accommodate requests for certain changes. Changes and/or corrections will not be accepted within 30 days of departure or after departure.

Special Requests:

Special requests, i.e. room location, adjoining rooms, bed preferences, in-flight seating requirements, meal requirements, etc. cannot be guaranteed. While we attempt to accommodate any special requests, Great Excursions cannot be held responsible if such requests cannot be fulfilled.


Tickets are sent to you (if you book directly through Great Excursions) or to your travel agent 4-6 weeks prior to departure. For bookings that include hotel and/or transportation, a voucher will be provided with the tickets and is required to receive the services booked. All tickets are based on excursion airfare and are subject to the terms and conditions of the air carrier.

Customs and Immigration:

Customs and/or immigration officials can at their discretion deny a person entry into Canada. A previous criminal record could be the basis for denied entry. Great Excursions cannot be held responsible for denied entry under any circumstances, and no refunds will be issued.


It is your responsibility to obtain, at your own expense, all documentation required by Canadian Customs. Prior to departure, you should determine the documentation required. If you do not possess the documentation required, the carrier reserves the right to refuse passage. In such circumstances, no refunds will be issued by Great Excursions.

Flights and Carriers:

All flight times are subject to change without notice. We recommend that you contact the airline within 24 hours of departure to confirm your departure time. Flight check-in opens 3 hours to departure, and closes 30 minutes prior to departure. Great Excursions recommends that you check-in 2 to 3 hours before departure. We cannot be held responsible if you miss your flight or are denied boarding. Carriage and services performed and tickets issued by the carrier are subject to the Warsaw Convention and the terms and conditions therein. We regret that we cannot accept responsibility for any damages or expenses incurred as a result of changes to flight times or weather delays.

Notice to Travellers:

You should be aware that different living standards and practices might exist while visiting Canada. We shall not be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury resulting from different living standards. All hotels undergo routine maintenance and renovation.

Promotional Material:

Great Excursions cannot be held responsible for factors beyond our control that may alter the components or description of the package. All photographs are purely representational and are not a guarantee that everything will be exactly as depicted at the site or destination upon arrival.


Each person is entitled to two normal-sized pieces of checked luggage. Weight restrictions may vary between 10 and 40 kilos per person. Please consult with your airline prior to departure. Unless insured, all baggage remains at your own risk throughout the trip.


All prices for services and packages are quoted in Canadian dollars or, where indicated, U.S. dollars. Prices may not include GST, PST, transportation taxes, transportation and related fees. We base our prices on fixed costs at the time of publication. These costs are subject to change, due to fuel costs, rates of exchange and other factors. Should these factors significantly increase our costs, we reserve the right to increase our prices accordingly.


No refunds or adjustments will be issued for portions of the trip or services not taken or used.

Cancellation Penalties

  • More than 45 days prior to departure, all non-cruise trips are eligible for a full refund.
  • No refund is provided if cancellation occurs within 45 days of the scheduled trip departure date.
  • We will make ever effort possible to reschedule the trip in cases of illness or other unforeseen circumstances.

Trips with a cruise component:

Cancellation Penalties:

  • Cancellations 91 days prior to departure: full refund minus the deposit.
  • 90 – 75 days: 25%
  • 74 – 46 days: 50%
  • 45 - 0 days: 100%

Cancellation Insurance

We strongly recommend purchase of trip cancellation insurance. This can be purchased through any travel agency or through Great Excursions if you are a Canadian resident.

Tour Operator's Representative:

Upon arrival, you will be met by a Great Excursions representative or a representative of your package provider.


If you would like us to know about any problems or concerns about our services, please forward them to us within 30 days of the event happening.

Our Responsibility:

Adventure trip and tour expert Great Excursions makes arrangements with hotels, resorts, airlines, car rental companies, ground transportation, package providers and outfitters to provide you with the travel services purchased. Although Great Excursions takes great care in selecting these suppliers, we act as an agent and therefore cannot be held responsible for their acts and omissions. The travel services provided are subject to the Travel Industry Act and Regulations of each province and are subject to the conditions imposed by these suppliers and their liability is limited by their tariffs, conditions of carriage, tickets and vouchers, and international conventions and agreements. We will not assume responsibility for any claims, losses, damages, costs or expenses arising out of personal injury, accident or death, loss, damage or delay of baggage or other property, or delay, inconvenience, loss of enjoyment, upset, disappointment, distress or frustration, whether physical or mental, resulting from any cause that arises by reason of actions of parties other than Great Excursions. We reserve the right to decline any person booking privileges to any Great Excursions package or service.

We suggest that you purchase cancellation or comprehensive Insurance.


Great Excursions, our agents and contractors cannot be held liable where our services or packages must be cancelled or changed due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. These include but are not limited to weather, political acts, mechanical failures, actions of suppliers or decisions made by us for the purpose of ensuring the safety of yourself and other participants. No refunds will be made for such necessary changes to our services or packages. You are responsible for any extra expenses incurred because of any delays occasioned by the above or for delayed departures of aircraft.

You should purchase any necessary personal insurance, including travel, medical and baggage insurance. Any passports, visas, driving licences or other travel documents required must be obtained by you. It is your responsibility to ensure that all such documents are in order, and to meet any additional costs incurred as a result of failing to comply with the requirements above.

We require that you notify Great Excursions of any pre-existing medical condition.

Due to the inherent nature of free-roaming wildlife and the unpredictability of natural factors, which can affect wildlife behaviour, Great Excursions cannot guarantee that you will be able to see or photograph any specific wildlife.

Risks That You Assume:

You understand that participating in our packages may expose you to various risks. These include the risk of accident or illness, weather, parasitic or infectious disease, unforeseen stressful situations, and injury to person or equipment by humans, wildlife or conveyances such as automobiles, buses, trains, airplanes, boats, sledges drawn by dogs or snowmobiles, horses, horse-drawn wagons and other vehicles, or by walking or climbing and consequently falling due to slippery or uneven surfaces or unforeseen obstacles. These risks are examples only and are not exhaustive. Timely and quality medical treatment may not be available. As a participant, you freely accept and fully assume all such risks, dangers and hazards and the possibility that personal injury, death, property damage and loss may result.


This contract and these conditions shall be governed and interpreted in all respects in accordance with the laws of the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada, and any litigation involving the parties in the contract shall be brought within the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada.

If you have a complaint or concern during the provision of our services or packages, you should advise us immediately so that Great Excursions has the opportunity to correct or resolve any problem in a prompt and timely manner.

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