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An interview with Kenojuak Ashevak

By Kenojuak Ashevak


Q. You have traveled with this cruise. How do you see this operation?

A. “It was fun and it was alright. People on board  were very responsible...for example: No one was allow to litter wherever they were. The cruise operated in an environmentally friendly manner.”

Q. Do you think this cruise’s visits benefit the community you live in? If so, how do they benefit Cape Dorset?

A. “The visits become very beneficial to the people of Kinngait (Cape Dorset), especially to the lads, youth and young men who carve having a chance to sell their carvings who won’t normally be able to do so to the local Co-op. Plus, once we know the ship would be arriving soon, it gets exciting thinking there may be some people on board whom we know.”

Q. What kind of an experience do you expect when you travel with this operation as a resource person?

A. “Knowing the fact you’ll get a chance to see people of the community that is been visited, and for this cruise to be catering to the people of the community.”

Q. What kind of an experience do you expect when Adventure Canada arrives in Cape Dorset for the day?

A. “Having expectation that gatherings may probably be held at places like the community hall or at the school once the cruise arrives to the community, where its presence would be beneficial for holding events/activities. This is usually very enjoyable event and very useful.”

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