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I really had the most amazing time - Adventure Trip/Travel

My trip was truly amazing; Sask. doesn't seem to be a big tourist destination in Canada, most people tend to go to BC...

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Emilio goes on and on about his stay with indigenous people.

By Daniel Desgeorges, France


Our great travelers have returned and we welcomed them this morning at the Lyon/St-Exupéry airport. Emilio goes on and on about his stay with indigenous people. Floyd and Warren were very welcoming and available for the family. Emilio's encounter with wolves was rich in emotions, with the pack leader answering Emilio's call. Your program proposal was a brilliant one and I am sure the family will keep lasting memories of its stay in Saskatchewan. Emilio told us that he will never forget the moments spent with Floyd, Warren and their family. He has brought back wolf hair in a little pouch hanging around his neck, of which he is very proud. Floyd told him the spirit of the wolf will remain with him always. Floyd also made him a personal gift to make him stronger in his most difficult moments. This sums up quickly the joy of Emilio and his family. As soon as we have photographs, we will pass them on to you. In all truth Mr. Harel, because of you and my friend Michel, Emilio has many stars of happiness shining in his eyes and in his heart.

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