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I always cherish the memories of this dream like vacation very dearly - Saskatchewan Ranch Vacation

By Christine


After reading the guest books I think everything I feel has already been expressed. I felt so at home, so free and happy being here that it is hard to imagine to go home, back to a totally different life of stress and pollution. I know I will be very sad when I have to go back but I always cherish the memories of this dream like vacation very dearly. The people I have met here are all very special guests as well as Canadians. I get out of my bed every morning and can't believe where I am. The countryside is just so beautiful. I have never before been able to look so far. No houses no highway no crowds and most of all, no noise. Just the wind, the sun and the wildlife. A vacation for the heart and the soul. I have lost count of time and I forgot all the worries at home. I wish I could leave them there forever and escape, but I know this is just a wonderful dream. I am very grateful for the time I was allowed to have.

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