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An absolute delight - Churchill Explorer Tour

The tour was well planned and well executed.

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I can't tell you how much our trip meant to all of us - Ranch Vacation in Saskatchewan

By Sona, Bob, Jessie


I can't tell you how much our trip meant to all of us, it was all we hoped for, and more. There are a few times/places in life that you experience complete contentment. There's nothing more you could ask for because you are completely satisfied. That's how I felt at the ranch. Between the scenery and environment, the horses (not to mention the cats and dog), and then, the most warm, gracious, wonderful people – it was more than I can put into words. Bev and George are treasures! And the rest of the group – Frank and Anja and Stefan -all of them are just lovely! You are perfect hosts in a most perfect setting.

Thank you again for all you did for the birthdays and ALL the WONDERFUL meals and the companionship!

We hope we'll see you again soon.

Love Sona, Bob, Jessie

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