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Why I love Canada

I love Canada and I especially love Nunavut. For that reason I believe that living in Nunavut is the best thing...

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I cannot think of any better service than what has been offered to me

By Agustin Bataille, London, England



I wanted to thank you very much for arranging my kayak trip in August.

On the last day of the trip, Pat asked me what was the highlight of the trip, and admittedly, I had a blank. Not that the trip was disappointing. Quite the contrary. I had so many images and feelings coming to my mind that it was difficult to make a choice and say what was *the* highlight.

I definitely remember seeing the eagle flying back to his nest day after day, waking up in the morning and watching the morning fog dissipate, falling asleep listening to the sound of waves, eating fresh (!) strawberries after a few days, watching the evening fire take off thanks to the cedar that Pat had meticulously chopped in tiny pieces, kayaking on several meters high waves, executing top notch surf landings under Pat's instructions, and many more.

The landscapes and nature I have discovered on the various islands were simply breathtaking. My friends had always told me I should visit Canada, but now I can barely understand why it took me so long to have actually done so. It is simply a lovely country. In days of global warming, tsunamis, water restrictions and growing waste, amongst others, visiting a country with such a fantastic and well preserved environment is mind-blowing.

As for the logistics of the trip, I cannot think of any better service than what has been offered to me. From a flexible start to accommodate a few unfortunate sick days, through excellent quality equipment (what a kayak!), delicious food, nice journey schedule, sea lions, to, last but not least, a professional and super enthusiastic guide, absolutely everything made my trip an unforgettable one.

It was really one of those memorable trips and I can tell you I have recommended Great Excursions to one of my colleagues already.

Kind regards,

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