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This was a trip of a lifetime

The polar bears were incredible, Belugas awesome & great guides

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It was an enjoyable trip, wonderful folks

By Anonymous, USA


It was a very challenging trip for beginner riders. The 25 mile ride in the first day was somewhat torturous. When we arrived at camp we were all exhausted and relieved. The tipis and old mattresses were like staying at the Hilton (not that I have ever stayed there! but that's a quote from a couple from Texas that joined us.) Our Host Stuart and his wife were lovely and the other participants on the trip were wonderful. Donna did a fine job of taking care of us in many ways...not only cooking for us but making sure we had everything we needed. Our wrangler Dave put up with our whining about our sore butts and kept our horses fed and content....he did his best to guide us and inform us about the area.

The second days ride was a relaxed and easy ride out in the field...a couple of hours in the morning and a couple in the afternoon... we heard the wolves howling and saw them on the edge of the woods that day. Dave brought us by their den and told us stories...and we told him ours.

The next 3 days were steep rides that took us between 8 and 10 hours to wonderful vistas-the first was a lake but we didn't make it because it was taking too long and Dave thought we wouldn't get back by nightfall so, we stayed on a ridge and had lunch that Donna packed for us.....the next day we reached a high mountain lake with a lovely waterfall....then the next day a high ridge with incredible views...It was very steep and we had to walk the horses back down. I am glad I asked Dave to walk my horse because one of the ladies had a hard time with her horse and ended up rolling down the hill always! Her horse walked down on his own after that!

We thought we would be toughened up for the ride home...well, maybe a bit.... but it was a long quiet ride out. We had to wait for a few hours for our ride back to Calgary, and we were entertained by one of Stan's hands who gave us some lemonade...It would have been nice to have snacks and beers on hand for the end of the ride if there is going to be such a long wait..a cold beer sure tasted good when we stopped at a restaurant an hour or so down the road!

I am happy that we chose to go...I would advise folks that have never ridden much before that they may want to bring plenty of ibuprofen! It was more difficult then I imagined but I was up for the challenge as was my daughter and friends. We could have stayed back on rides and taken some time to hike or read in the fields but all of us chose to ride every day because that is what we came there for....blistered butts and all! It was an enjoyable trip, wonderful folks and speaking only for myself...I may even go with the local agent again next year.

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