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Clayoquot sound trip was wonderful

The lack of home comforts, internet, phones etc was liberating!!

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Our guides were unfailing thoughtful of our particular needs - Victoria falls, Nahanni River

By Douglas Brown, Quebec


Dear David:

Since returning from my Nahanni adventure, I have read Dick Turner's book, Nahanni. I am thrilled to be able to say that I have seen many of the sites he describes in his book, although I am humbled by the ease and comfort of my brief Nahanni experience compared to his pioneering life these.

Our guides were unfailing thoughtful of our particular needs, from checking our flying experience in small planes (for our flight into the park), to monitoring our hiking-climbing abilities, to assuring the rain-profess of our tents, and never a hint of impatient with our inexperience.

The food was excellent - I took note that wilderness cooking is an essential skill for a guide. I have never eaten better or healthier than during that week. Everyday was packed with awesome scenery and sensations of the north. I will extend my experience there as soon as I can manage it.

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