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Thank you again for sharing your enthusiasm for this fascinating place - Adventure Vacation

What a wonderful time I had exploring the Big Muddy Lake area and the St. Victor Petroglyphs with Great Excursions!

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Thank you so much for making this the best experience I’ve had - Ranch Vacation in Saskatchewan

By Martina


I am sitting outside of the cookshack right now-looking down on the cabins and the beautiful view over the lake. Sun is shining in my face and at all of the hills. Couldn’t be a better morning. Oh, I forgot, couldn’t be a worse morning, cause I am going home and have to leave all this behind. Thank you so much for making this the best experience I’ve had. The roping you showed us yesterday, all the great rides, the absolutely delicious food, the spectacular nature and of course, all of the wonderful horses….Especially Silver…always gonna remember it all. I have never before felt so peaceful and welcoming as during my stay here with you guys. So thanks again. Lots of love from a nearly crying Swedish girl…


Ps. If I suddenly get a bag of money I am coming for Silver!

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