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Travelling in the Company of Inuit

The Arctic feels as mysterious, exotic and elusive a place today as it must have appeared through the spyglasses of earl

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The essential, happiness and freedom

By Anne-Marie André St-Onge, innu and guide


Kuei! … This makes me think… in the Innu Legend: The child who wanted to arrow summer birds. An expedition of animals went looking for summer in the South (according to the river’s glaciations millennium relicts, and to Anne-Marie’s thoughts, the child was in Mushuau-Shipit). The animals brought back the birds, the summer, the happiness that was kept in a bag by old women who decided to share happiness with others. That is what we shared with Elisabeth (the hostess), she has felt the essential, happiness and freedom, this whole is named: amun. Hope to share again with you.

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