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What a wonderful time I had exploring the Big Muddy Lake area and the St. Victor Petroglyphs with Great Excursions!

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Why I love Canada

By Aaju Peter, Qujannamiik


I love Canada and I especially love Nunavut. For that reason I believe that living in Nunavut is the best thing that happened to me. I moved to Iqaluit in 1981 from Nuuk, Greenland. So, to get the opportunity to sail to Greenland and in Nunavut during the summer is a bonus. I get to visit places in Greenland, get to eat food from there and get to see relatives and friends. Greenland is a very beautiful country.

Playing soccer in Itilliq or Sisimiut is a highlight for me. We lose every time but we have so much fun losing and the whole community comes out to watch. That is what sailing with Adventure Canada is all about, is to have fun with the local people.

In Nunavut, going to visit the communities and sailing this amazing place with majestic scenery is an experience of a lifetime. I am very fortunate to sail our great territory. It is absolutely breathtaking. I’ve sailed in these waters now for eight years and each winter I look forward to again sail with passengers. One of the highlights for me is when the passengers sing a Greenlandic or Inuktitut song for the community. We’ve even been asked if we have a cd.

During their sailings in Nunavut and Greenland, Adventure Canada sail with Inuit onboard their ships as resource staff. They also hire people in the communities who act as guides. Community members are also employed to speak about their community and deliver cultural performances. This ensures that the passengers get the Inuit and local perspective. Why is this important? Because we live here! Always have and always will.

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