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What a wonderful time I had exploring the Big Muddy Lake area and the St. Victor Petroglyphs with Great Excursions!

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Wow! Did we ever get our fill. Tuckamore lodge has it all.

By Bruce and Susan, Washington


Thank you so much for your warm Newfoundland hospitality during our stay at your lodge. We were looking for a cool respite from our summer's heat, but one that would also include exposure to nature and history. Wow! Did we ever get our fill. Tuckamore lodge has it all. We saw whales and seabirds galore, walked in enchanting forests, identified many interesting plants and dodged the numerous moose. We were treated to lively Newfoundland music and customs. And we learned about the Viking settlements in Newfoundland as well as the long history of fishing along its shores. Add to that the delicious cuisine, enjoyed family style with other interesting travelers, and the lodge's warm and attentive service. We couldn't have asked for more......

We continue to be in awe of the fishing industry that affected so many English, French and Irish over the last 400-500 years of Newfoundland's history. Add to that the major impact that cod played as the staple food for so many people in so many countries. Throw in Lief Ericsson and the Viking settlement, but a short drive from your place, and the history of North America comes alive. To think about Dr. Grenfell and his medical facilities and the influence that they had all over Newfoundland and Labrador - that was an inspiration.

We really want to single out your staff. We left feeling like we were an extension of your family. Being treated so well by everyone - from the "boss," to the kitchen staff and guides - was special. And lastly, your dining experience is something to be so proud of. If it rained or snowed, a guest would be very happy to stay inside your lodge just enjoying the food and service. Peggy and her staff not only know how to handle the many dishes of Newfoundland, but they do so with grace and charm. Please again pass on our thanks to the entire crew for their efforts on breakfast, lunch and dinner...the memories will long last!

Thank you. We are not mentioning saunas, canoes, hunting, fishing and all of the other things that make your lodge complete and special. You have a unique place and location that can comfort and educate a lot of folks that will come there. We were so glad to have found you, and thank you also for helping us to learn so much more about the people, customs and history of Newfoundland.

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