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I really had the most amazing time - Adventure Trip/Travel

My trip was truly amazing; Sask. doesn't seem to be a big tourist destination in Canada, most people tend to go to BC...

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 Like railway travel, cruising emerged as a tourism activity with the age of steam in the 19th century. It evokes thoughts of tropical breezes, elegant dining, and attentive service. Once reserved for the wealthy, cruises today go pretty much wherever there is water. From the Inside Passage of Alaska to the shores of Antarctica, popular destinations include the Caribbean, with most ships sailing from south Florida; Alaska and Europe during the summer months; and the Panama Canal and the Mexican Riviera, generally departing from southern California. Other seasonal destinations include South America, the northeast United States and the St. Lawrence Seaway (for fall foliage cruises). Are you looking for a convenient way to see perhaps the capitals of Europe without all that packing and unpacking? Cruise travel is the answer.

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