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Top-notch! excellent as individuals and in their teamwork! - Queen Charlotte Islands Sailing Adventure

We appreciated the opportunity to walk on land almost every day, and to do some kayaking, for physical activity.

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Overlanding was initially introduced as a cheap and exciting form of travel. This flexible mode of transport allows each participant to meet like-minded people within a relaxed, easy going atmosphere. You will be travelling in 15-passenger vans or specially-converted overland trucks carry which carry their own cooking facilities, food and water supplies, tents, and truck spares. Overlanding therefore enables you to visit and camp at spots completely inaccessible to travellers using conventional transport. As you and your group will be sharing this vehicle for a considerable length of time, you'll be expected to take a turn helping with some day to day tasks. Each expedition includes a tour leader a driver/mechanic, to help with any unexpected events on the trip and help you make the most of your time on tour. Our overland trips are designed to offer freedom and flexibility. There's a route to follow rather than a strict hour-by-hour itinerary. We stay in family run hotels, local campsites and home stays.

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